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Artwork is often an integral part of the interior design for a commercial building or office environment.  It can make or break the end result and lead to disappointment if in the final stages the colours, tones or shades don't fit in the new environment. I have produced artwork for numerous businesses over the years including hotels, offices and architects firms.  


A core part of the service that I offer is working alongside the designers, architects or owners of the design projects as they progress and presenting different options in the way of subject matter, style, unique tones and colours and just as important, the choice of print media and substrates.

Today it is easy to have artwork printed onto just about anything including acrylic panels, bamboo panels, aluminium sheets as well roll media including re-positionable adhesive fabrics and various wallpapers etc.  Whatever the environment or look is that you are looking to match artwork to, you just have to ask and there will be something on the market that will suit you design plan whether standard canvas or unique bamboo panels.

Something that has proven invaluable that I offer as part of a proposal is to have a photograph of areas that are being considered for artwork and superimposing the suggested design pieces into the image.  This has proven invaluable on many occasions and helped identify tones and colours that need to be matched or complimented.  I can also work with other people's photos of the site/area if access is difficult.

We offer bulk discount rates for larger projects and we do export to other countries if needed.  

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