I could give you the long-winded version of when I bought my first camera and how I spent my years exploring the world of photography, but really that’s not important. Just so you know a bit about me, in short:-

Originally from the UK, I now live in New Zealand – the home of world class scenery and a quality of life that most people elsewhere in the world could only dream of.

I never switch off, I am constantly looking at the world through a lens and everywhere I go, my camera goes with me. I am never bored when it is by my side and generally when we go on holiday it is the first thing I pack, hold close and never let out of my sight come hell or high water. If the airline lost my luggage I would still have a smile on my face if I still have my camera by my side. In truth and much to my family’s frustration, I would probably create a photostory of the whole experience of getting our lost luggage back.

I am my own worst critic (much to the frustration of all those around me) and a lot of time is spent on an eternal quest for that ‘ultimate’ shot. Many a time can my husband be found patiently sitting in the car with a large takeaway coffee that I have bribed him with (and sometimes a freshly baked muffin depending on how cold it is), being rocked by howling gales, pouring rain and freezing temperatures whilst I am running around botanical gardens or coastal rocky beaches with a smile on my face like some sort of demented puppy, still excited about finding something different to take a photo of. Our house is littered with completely abstract objects that I have found and crammed into my pockets whilst we are out and have happily put on the list ‘to take photos of’. People have stopped asking questions like ‘why is there half a tree branch sitting drying on your kitchen bench?’ or why are there dead bits of seaweed sitting in your bathroom sink? They know why now.


I never stop learning or experimenting. Creating images that people love is what defines me, it’s what I do, it’s what I am, it’s where I have been and where I want to go.

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